Family Tree Maker Information has announced Software MacKiev, with whom they have a long-standing relationship, is acquiring the Family Tree Maker software line as publisher for both Mac and Windows versions. Software MacKiev has been the developer of Family Tree Maker for Mac for more than six years and is thrilled at the opportunity to publish future versions of Family Tree Maker for Mac and Windows.

Software MacKiev will provide software updates and new versions in the future. You have the ability to purchase new versions of Family Tree Maker from Software MacKiev as they are released. You will have continued access to Ancestry Hints, Ancestry searches, and be able to save your tree on Ancestry with Family Tree Maker moving forward.

For more information on Family Tree Maker software, please visit Family Tree Maker Website

Our society offers free videos on the FTM features from Ancestry Academy and our detailed handouts of the different FTM features below.

We encourage our members and all genealogists to view the free video instruction and please download our free handouts to learn more about the different FTM features.

If you are using older FTM versions 2005-2007, you can view and print the Handouts from FTM 2007 (Version 16) classes in addition to the current handouts below.

Adobe Reader is required to view the handouts. Most computers manufactured after 2005 will have Adobe Reader installed. If not, users can download the FREE software program by selecting the Adobe Reader icon. 

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For more information and/or help on Family Tree Maker software, please contact our society’s FTM expert, Bob Larson at Email Bob Larson. Or for faster response, please phone customer service at 1-800-262-3787 seven days a week from 7 am to 9 pm Mountain Time.

Any society or FTM instructor is welcome to use the handouts below providing you give credit to our society and Family Tree Maker.

See these videos at Ancestry Academy on FTM Software Instruction Videos.


FTM Overview
We show the latest features of FTM 2014, latest patches, menu items, toolbars, using the seven workspaces, creating new trees, importing trees, managing family trees and files, TreeSync, family trees, help menu, registering and activating the software, and changing software preferences. FTM Overview Handout

Creating a Family Tree
The People workspace and building your family tree plus adding ancestors is featured in detail. We show how to make any individual the home person in the family tree, add facts for each ancestor, navigate the different options in this tab, and how to add, delete individuals and print or share the family file information for relatives. Creating A Family Tree Handout

Listing Sources and Using Maps
Sources are very important for all genelaogists to list when adding new ancestor documents or photos. We show how to properly cite those important Sources for each document and photo that users have collected and imported into the family file. An easy to use Source wizard tool allows users to enter the required document or photo/image information for proper verification of each source. In addition, we will highlight the use of the expanded map feature that shows the Places of each ancestor with over 3 million maps of the world. In addition, we will show how to use the Edit, View, and Tools menu items, and add GPS coordinates. Listing Sources and Places Handout

Web Search
We show how easy it is to research your ancestors using the many different genealogy databases, either free or paid subscriptions with the Web Search feature. FTM allows users to access many databases using intelligent commands to search and retrieve the information for the affected ancestors. Web Search Handout

Media Options & Charts
We show how to add documents, photos, audio and video files to the Media section using a digital or video camera, scanner, or importing attachments from an email. FTM made some great improvements in reducing the family file size when adding these items. The media items can be placed into family group sheets, family albums, sources, genealogy reports, and a family history book. In addition, we explain how to create family charts and slideshows. Media Options & Charts Handout

Special Family Situations
There are many special family situations on researching your ancestors including adoptions, children born out of wedlock, not normal marriages, divorces, medical reports, DNA reports, family histories, and attending family reunions that genealogists should consider. Special Family Situations Handout

Creating A Genealogy Report
We show how to create many different types of genealogy reports using the Publish feature. Both simple or customized family history reports can be sent to your relatives. You can print, save, or email the reports as a backup to your relatives. Creating Genealogy Reports Handout

Publishing Your Family History Book
We show the book publishing feature using the Publish workspace on publishing your family history using a simple publishing wizard template and the internal Smart Stories creator. Users can build their family history book by adding various title pages, table of contents, family group sheets, biographies of each ancestor using Smart Stories, family photos, documents, bibliography of the sources, and finalizing the book with an expanded indexing feature. Users can convert the book into the popular PDF format for commercial printing or print at home. Publishing Your Family History Book Handout

Family History Book Ideas
Interested in publishing your family history report or book. See attachment on using Family Tree Maker or other software to publish your family history book. Family History Book Ideas

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Family Tree User Group Handouts – Version 2005-2007

Family Tree User Group Handouts – Version 2005-2007 The handouts below were for previous classes and are based on Family Tree Maker 2005-2007. If you are using an older version of FTM, you might find it helpful to have these handouts, as well as the current ones, for reference. Please contact instructor Bob Larson for …

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