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Executive Producers: Gerri Becher & Robert Larson

Show Producers & Guests: Dr. Kenneth L. Goldsberry (TV Host), Robert Larson, Kathy Patrick, Sherri Schloss, Marene Baker (NARA), Carol Stetser, Ceil Damschroder, Boyd Johnson, Pat Johnson, Larry Doyle, and Len Ray.

In 2011 and 2012, our society recorded a monthly genealogy TV program for our local TV cable channel 97 (Fort Collins Public Media). We featured different guests each month, who discussed popular genealogy and family history subjects as noted below. If you’re new to genealogy or need a refresher course, these programs will give all genealogists and family historians the latest methods on locating and researching your ancestors. These programs help genealogists with the latest techniques on researching ancestors and discovering those important family history stories. We now include these programs on our website for viewing as shown below.

A brief profile of each speaker and their presentation is provided in each TV program below.


Our TV programs are still available on Comcast Channel 97 in Fort Collins. Thanks to Fort Collins Public Media (formerly FCPAN) for broadcasting our TV programs every month.  Please visit the Fort Collins Public Media Channel Website for more details.

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Genealogy Quest Program and Speaker Info


Host Dr. Kenneth Goldsberry has over 46 years of genealogy and family history experience. Ken is past president of our society, retired CSU professor, author, and a speaker. Ken has been host with the TV series since we started programming in 2010. Ken adds his comments with his personal experiences to each guest’s program by educating the genealaogy community. You’ll enjoy hearing the latest research methods of each program.

Host: Dr. Kenneth (Ken) L. Goldsberry

    • Overview of Genealogy and Family History

This is our first program for this series. Host Dr. Ken Goldsberry interviews past president and genealogy speaker Bob Larson. Bob tells about the popularity of genealogy and family history, how to get started, different types of records, where to locate records, recording your findings, and local societies in our area. Bob is an author, executive TV show producer, instructor, library volunteer, and regional speaker. He is currently the Marketing Director for 50 Plus Media Solutions.

Guest: Bob Larson

  • Family History Centers & FamilySearch WebsiteHost Ken Goldsberry returns to interview regional speaker Pat Johnson, who also is a Family History Center volunteer. Pat tells about the world famous Family History Library in Salt Lake City, the local Family History Centers in our county, and about the latest updates on the popular FamilySearch website. Pat is an FHC volunteer, FHC indexing coordinator, DAR registrar, instructor, and regional speaker.


Guest: Pat Johnson

  • Genealogy WebsitesHost Ken Goldsberry interviews our society Vice President Kathy Patrick, who is also an instructor and library volunteer. Kathy discusses the popular genealogy websites on the Internet, both free and subscriptions and where to find them. She gives several examples of these popular websites


Guest: Kathy Patrick

  • National Archives:Host Ken Goldsberry interviews Marene Baker, archivist at the popular National Archives in Broomfield. Marene will tell about all the great genealogy collections and more available at the National Archives facility. Marene is a NARA archivist, class instructor, and speaker.


Guest: Marene Baker

  • Census RecordsHost Ken Goldsberry interviews returning guest and our Vice President Kathy Patrick. Kathy explains how the census records are a key benefit to genealogists. She will provide information on the three different types of census records available to the public from 1790 through 1930. Kathy is an instructor and a library volunteer.


Guest: Kathy Patrick

  • Cemetery RecordsHost Ken Goldsberry interviews past president and genealogy instructor Ceil Damschroder. Ceil discusses how cemeteries help genealogists, visiting cemeteries, headstone types and symbols, cleaning, rubbing, and taking photos of headstones, and her discovery of missing data on an ancestor’s cemetery stone. Ceil is a retired educator, class instructor, and regional speaker.


Guest: Ceil Damshroder


  • Military Records



Host Ken Godsberry interviews Boyd Johnson, a retired educator and our Loveland Study Group Chair, on the various military records available to genealogists. Boyd will explain which records are located at the different repositories across the U.S., besides his ancestor story. Boyd is an author, retired educator, Loveland study group coordinator, and class instructor.

Guest: Boyd Johnson


  • Wills & Probate Records



Our host Ken Goldsberry interviews returning member Pat Johnson about the importance of wills and similar legal documents for genealogists. Pat explains the different types of wills and where they can be found. Pat also gives her compelling ancestor story. Pat is an FHC volunteer, FHC indexing coordinator, DAR registrar, class instructor, and regional speaker.

Guest: Pat Johnson

  • Passenger & Naturalization Records
  • Host Ken Goldsberry interviews Researcher Carol Stetser about passenger records. Carol explains how to locate and research your overseas ancestors using census and passenger records. Passenger records reveal lots of great information on when and how they arrived from many ports overseas. There are many databases available to the researcher on all passenger records including passports records. Carol tells about her interesting ancestor story. Carol is a past Vice President, currently society researcher, class instructor, and regional speaker besides being a past educator.


Guest: Carol Stetser

  • Technology for Genealogists
    Host Ken Goldsberry interviews past president Bob Larson. Bob tells about the different types of technology available to genealogists used for research inlcuding various computers, genealogy and other software, Internet access and websites, social media, dowsing tools, digital cameras, scanners, GPS, and DNA. Bob relates his interesting ancestor story about his Great Aunt Mame from Montana. Bob is an author, executive TV show producer, class instructor, and regional speaker.


Guest: Bob Larson

We hope you enjoyed our Genealogy Quest TV Series. Please join our society to learn more about genealogy and family history at our monthly programs and free classes.

Remember, you can also watch this series on Fort Collins Cable Channel 97.

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