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To start the video click the large play button play button. While the video is playing, this button changes to a pause button . Click on this to freeze the video. Click play again to resume viewing.
Click skip back button to return to the beginning of the video and skip ahead button to skip to the end.
To move forward or backward within the video click and hold on the end of the progress bar. Drag it to the right to move ahead in the video or to the left to move back. The video must be fully downloaded before the progress slider will work. Depending on your internet connection, this may take some time.

To stop the video click stop button.
Control the volume by clicking and dragging the volume slider volume slider. Left to lower the volume and right to increase it.

 Users can also expand the video to the full screen by selecting this  icon in the lower right video player bar. Click icon again after playing the video to exit the player by selecting the exit button in the upper right corner.


Q. I’m on a Mac. Can I watch the videos too?
A. Quicktime, the mac media player, doesn’t play Windows Media Files. The good news is that there is a wonderful free program called Flip4Mac that will let you to play Windows Media files in Quicktime. You can download it here .

Q. Why didn’t my Media Player open? Instead my browser just downloaded the video file to my computer.
A. You either don’t have a media player on your computer that plays Windows Media Files or yours is an old version. If you are on a PC download the free Windows Media Player and install as you would any program. Be sure you select the Media Player that matches your operating system (2000, XP, Vista, 7). If you’re not sure what version of Windows you have, hold down the Windows key and press Pause/Break. When the window pops open look under System to read what version Windows you have.

If you are on a Mac computer, you will need to download Flip4Mac. This free software enables you to play Windows Media files in your Quicktime Player.

Q. Why does the video keep stopping and starting?
A. The video file probably hasn’t loaded completely. These videos are very large and, depending on the speed of your Internet connection, may take some time to load. You can check your Internet modem to see if the CABLE ACTIVITY or Internet light is blinking. If it is, the file is still loading. Press the PAUSE button and wait for five minutes or until the light stops blinking before resuming play.

Satellite broadband or local wireless users may have problems viewing these videos as your provider may not allow large video files. If you can watch the videos, but randomly stops and starts, indicates too much other Internet traffic interference . Please call your satellite or wireless provider for help.

We also highly recommend to test your Broadband connection speed using the quick test below to indicate how fast your connection speed really is. Select the Dallas, TX location to simulate our actual Texas based server. If the donwnload connection speed is less than 250 KBS (or .25 MBS), then you will need to either 1) view the video later due to excessive traffic demand with our website or with your Internet provider, or 2) obtain a higher speed Broadband service. Normal Broadband service ranges from 1.0 MBS to over 20 MBS connection speeds using DSL or cable. If the connection speed exceeds 250 KBS, then try playing the video in the evening or early morning. If the video keeps giving poor results, check with your Internet provider for solutions. Sometimes some Internet providers slow down the connection to equal out the traffic demand or prohibit videos. Satellite or local wireless Broadband service can range from 100 KBS to 1.0 MBS.

Test your Broadband Connection Speed

Q. I tried to move forward by grabbing the progress bar slider like you told me but it keeps bouncing back to its original position. Why doesn’t it work?
A. The video file probably hasn’t loaded completely. Check your Internet modem to see if the Cable Activity or Internet light is blinking. If it is, the file is still loading. Press the PAUSE button and wait until the light stops blinking before resuming play.

For more information and/or trouble shooting, contact Robert Larson.

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