Feb 18, 2022

100 Things Your Kids May Never Know About

Ah, the good old days: Super-8 movies, playing music on an audio tape, TV channels with a single digit, rotary dial televisions with no remote control (“Hey Junior, will you change it to channel 5?”), 8-track cartridges, or vinyl records. How about Betamax tapes?

I was a bit surprised when I recently talked with my daughter and mentioned I would call her. I made a rotary motion with my forefinger, as if I was dialing an old-fashioned rotary dial phone. You know: the kind of phones we all had before touchtone phones became available. My daughter had no idea what I was doing.

Boy, did I feel old!

Wired Magazine has a list of 100 such things that your children or grandchildren will never know about your life. I found this to be an interesting article. Strangely, it was nostalgic. You can find it at

Remember the “good old days” of booting your computer from a floppy disk? Or when Spam was just a meat product?

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