Jan 13, 2022

23andMe Adds New African Ethnolinguistic Groups to Ancestry Composition

The following is a press release written by 23andMe:

23andMe’s latest update provides new ancestral connections to 25 African ethnolinguistic groups, or groups of people who share a common language and culture.

Along with the Recent Ancestor Locations previously covered, this brings us to over 200 Ancestry Composition populations in Africa. This update is just one of many steps we’re taking to offer richer and more detailed information for customers with African ancestry. We are always looking to improve and we hope to add even more granular ancestry results to our customers and better represent the depth of our genetic diversity.

What will customers find in this update? 

With this update, some customers with African ancestry will discover new Ancestry Composition matches to one or more of 25 new genetic groups, often called reference populations, that represent present-day ethnolinguistic groups in Sub-Saharan Africa. These new groups include the Igbo, Yoruba, Kongo, Mandinka, and Shona peoples, among others. Customers will also find a map marking where the people in each reference population and their ancestors have lived for generations. 

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