Feb 24, 2022

40% Of Americans Might Be Eligible For Dual Citizenship (And a Second Passport). Here’s What You Need To Know

A second passport offers security from unpredictable threats. It could be a social movement, political issues, economic issues, natural disaster, and the list goes on… Remember life is unpredictable. A second passport is an insurance policy.

For instance, the government of your country might revoke your passport or take your money (think Greece) for any reason whatsoever. What would you do then? Live like a political prisoner in your own country?

Most people don’t realize it, but the US cancels the passports of Americans living abroad every day. Owe child support or haven’t paid your taxes? Your passport can be cancelled. If you only have one passport it can be a weapon to be used against you.

Without a second passport in hand, you will have no valid travel document and will be forcibly returned to the US. Again, I reiterate, this happens every day… it’s not limited to the cases that make the news like Edward Snowden.

For many years, U.S. citizenship and an American passport were the gold standard around the world. The pandemic and the recent election changed all that, resulting in a surge in demand for Americans seeking second passports and wanting to buy citizenship—especially in Europe. “Americans want freedom, and many are starting to realize how restrictive U.S. citizenship can be,” says Rogelio Caceres, CEO and founder of Global RCG, a global mobility firm that helps people secure residency, employment and citizenship rights in other countries.

An article by Laura Begley Bloom published in the Forbes web site describes the basics of obtaining a second (or third or fourth…) passport. The most common method (but not the only method) is by claiming ancestry in the other country. Yes, you can thank your ancestors for that.

According to Global RCG, “Through our research, we estimated that roughly 40% of all Americans could be eligible for citizenship by ancestry in the European Union.”

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