Jul 20, 2022

8 Web-Based Teleprompter Tools for Seamless Reading

Are you planning to make a presentation at a genealogy (or other) meeting? Or are you are planning to hold a webinar?

An article by Syed Hammad Mahmood and published in the Make Use Of web site will tell you where to find tools to make the process easier:

“Whether you’re speaking in a live session or recording a video, it makes little sense to memorize your script. Especially when several teleprompter tools are available online that work perfectly within your browser. Using these tools, you can keep eye contact with the camera without having to memorize your lines. So, here are the eight online teleprompter tools for seamless reading and recording.””

You can find 8 Web-Based Teleprompter Tools for Seamless Reading at

Suggestion: Perhaps the simplest and most hassle-free tool on the list is the Free Online Teleprompter by Gecko Tribe.