Dec 16, 2021

87 Year Old Farmer in 1929 Talks About Kids, Telegraph, and Typewriter

It is amazing to think about the changes during the lifetimes of our ancestors. However, we rarely get to hear those ancestors describe the differences themselves. There is one exception: YouTube has a video of a fascinating interview with an 87-year-old farmer that was recorded on film in 1929.

The man admits to having been born and raised in the first half of the previous century (it must have been in 1842). He then compares the changes in his life since the invention of telegraph, typewriter, automobiles, electric lights, and airplanes.

My favorite quote from the interview? “You boys think you’re living in just the best time of the world’s history, but it’s no better than [what] our father’s had.”

You can watch the (colorized) interview of the old-timer at: