Sep 3, 2021

A Father, Son and Grandson Reunite on a Newfoundland Race Track Thanks to DNA Test

I have often posted stories about people who were adopted found each other, thanks to a DNA test. However, this story has a unique twist. The men met together (not for the first time) at Thunder Valley Speedway in Bishop’s Falls, Newfoundland. The “unique twist” is that this was the first time the three knew they were related. 

They also share a love of mechanics.

Thomas, 66, says he’s always taking things apart and putting them back together. His son, Jason Gedge, 44, says he was the same. And Gedge’s son, Jason Jr., who’s 21, says he grew up around the things his dad loved: car parts and grease.

But it was only this year when Gedge, who was adopted at birth, learned Thomas is his biological father, thanks to a DNA test.

Neil Thomas, Ron’s brother, submitted his DNA to an online registry this spring. Most of the names that came back from it were ones he recognized, but one didn’t make sense to him — Gedge.

“The last name wasn’t common in the family, either on my mother’s side or the father’s side,” Neil said.

After exchanging messages with a woman who had also submitted DNA to the registry, Neil realized the Gedge in his records was his nephew. Thomas gave up his infant son for adoption in the late 1970s in Labrador City. 

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My thanks to newsletter reader Bruce Harshberger for telling me about this story.

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