Sep 27, 2021

A Gravestone Missing for Almost 150 Years Was Being Used as a Marble Slab to Make Fudge

A turned-over gravestone served as the perfect surface to make fudge for a woman living in Michigan.

How the gravestone got inside the home in Okemos, Michigan, outside Lansing? Now that’s a mystery, according to Friends of Lansing’s Historic Cemeteries (FOLHC) President Loretta S. Stanaway.

The monument was discovered in August on an estate auction site after the matriarch of the family was placed in a care facility for Alzheimer’s, Stanaway said. A former citizen of Lansing recognized it was probably from a city cemetery and got in touch with the FOLHC, and they started investigating.

“The family hired an auctioneer to take care of the items,” Stanaway told CNN. “As he was going through things, he saw this slab of marble in the kitchen and turned it around and discovered it was gravestone. The family told him they used it to make fudge. The family could not say how or when the gravestone got there.”

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