Oct 18, 2021

A Montana Man Has The Oldest DNA Native To America – And It Alters What We Know About Our Ancestors

Gee, I was delighted when I was able to trace my own ancestry back a few centuries. This fellow certainly has me beat!

From the Newsweek web site:

“Darrell “Dusty” Crawford, whose Native American Blackfoot name is Lone Bull, looks over his results with fascination. He’d taken a DNA test with an outfit called Cellular Research Institute (CRI) and learned much about his heritage. What he doesn’t know yet is that the conclusions will also have implications for all Native Americans.

“Tracing back history

“The immediately astonishing thing about Crawford’s test is how far back the scientists at the CRI have traced his genetic history. In fact, the company has said that it has never managed to delve this far back in time before. And this achievement could force a rethink on the history of humans in the Americas.

“Crawford lives in Heart Butte, Montana, a city located in the 1.5 million acres of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in the north-west of the state. With a population of more than 17,000, the Blackfeet Nation is one of America’s largest Native American tribes. Three other Blackfeet reservations are located in Alberta, Canada.”

You can read all the details at:

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