Sep 11, 2023

A Short Update on My Medical Condition

In case anyone is interested:

As mentioned in a previous article last week (at, I am back at home after my recent hospitalization. As I mentioned in that update, “I am not back to ‘my old self’ but I do feel better than I did for the past week or so.”

Indeed, the recuperation has been slower than I expected. Maybe that is because my body is getting older. (I celebrated a birthday a few days ago.)

In any case, I am now planning to work on this newsletter every day. In other words, I now plan to revert to my regular schedule.

For anyone who didn’t read my earlier update, after taking a rather long automobile trip, I went to get out of the automobile but I stumbled and fell, hitting the back of my head rather hard on the pavement. I immediately saw stars and all sorts of other lights. Being a typical male, I shrugged it off as “a minor incident.” However, upon walking into the house a few minutes later, I fell twice on the living room floor. Maybe it wasn’t so “minor.”

Three days later, things were not improving so I went to a walk-in medical center. They gave me a quick once-over evaluation and immediately sent me to a nearby hospital emergency room. After a more extensive evaluation, I was admitted to the hospital.

Three days later I was discharged with a warning that a full recovery would take at least 2 or 3 weeks. Since then, I haven’t left the living room couch for more than a very few minutes.

Do you know how BORING daytime television is?