Charter & Multi-Year Members

Since our society began 1n 1974, many members have joined our society. Several charter members are still with us, while several members recently achieved 30 year status. We revived our annual multi-year celebration awards at our November 2012 monthly meeting. We gave awards to 38 members achieving 10, 20, and 30 year status with our society. Below are photos from our past charter and multi-year member award celebrations.

Charter Members in 2006

(L-R) Betty Frye, Jane & Carolyn Goodwin, Willa Ruth & Gordon Jessup, Lois Johnson, Doris Rust, and President Bob Larson (Not shown: Robert & Roy Jean Marriam)

Multi-Year Members

10 Year Members in 2012

(L-R) Front row: Sonny & Jan Hygh, Jan Yost, Pat Johnson, and President Bob Larson
Back row: Nancy Abrahams, Past President Ken Goldsberry, JC Marshall, Carol Stetser, & Len Ray

(Not shown: Al Boswell, Dale Eriksen, Fran Ek, Ginny Feagler, Jane Harper, Julia Hillen, Helen Nettleton,
Dolores Ray, Katherine Renfroe, Audrey Ryder, David Shaw, Melanie Tafaro, Melba Treaster,
Rosamary Weinmeister, and Kareene Whatley)

20 Year Members in 2012

(L-R) Front Row: Dora Hildebrand, Mary Joy Hauk, Lorna Miller, Barbara Sullivan, Reta Ralph, & Betty Winberg
Back Row: George & Annie Mason, and President Bob Larson

30 Year Members in 2012

(L-R) Past President Ceil Damschroder, Marilyn Rudd, Lela Smelker, and President Bob Larson
(Not shown: Past President Evelyn Haynes, and Jim & Donna Willard)