Dec 20, 2021

Added to My Collection: an iPad Mini and External Keyboard

As I wrote earlier today, I will be traveling later this week and into next week. Today, I obtained a new device to (hopefully) make my writing chores bit easier when traveling: an iPad Mini and External Keyboard.

When it comes to reading information, I love the compact size of the iPad Mini. It easily slips into a backpack or even into a large overcoat pocket. However, writing articles or even composing email messages with the “on-screen glass keyboard” is a pain. Therefore, when I ordered the iPad Mini, I also added a ProCase Detachable Wireless Keyboard to the order (Amazon item B09CTBY6N4).

I plan to write a review of the two devices in a week or two, telling how well (or how poorly) they worked for this traveling genealogist.

The first thing I noticed when I unpacked the keyboard is that it does not have a touchpad so it isn’t an exact replacement for a laptop computer. However, my first 2 or 3 minutes of testing the keyboard demonstrates that it has an excellent “touch” typing capability.