Jul 6, 2023

After 28 Years of Searching, I Solved a Lifelong Mystery and Found My Brother With MyHeritage DNA

There is a great human interest story in the MyHeritage Blog that you might find interesting:

When Estela Ramos was 14 years old, she studied blood types in biology class, and realized something was amiss. She knew that her blood type was O, her mother’s was A, and her father’s was AB… and realized that, given the basic principles of heredity and the fact that blood type O is an expression of a dominant gene, it was impossible for the child of two people with the recessive A and AB blood type genes to have type O blood.

Maria Estela Ramos, Argentina

There was only one explanation: the parents who raised her were not her biological parents.

Estela questioned her parents, but didn’t get any concrete answers from them. She let it go, but couldn’t shake the sense of unease that she didn’t really know who she was.

When she mentioned the matter to her husband, he asked her a question that stopped her in her tracks:

“How can you live with a doubt like this?”

“When I became a mother, I asked again about my adoption,” Estela says. Her mother was not forthcoming, but as fate would have it, Estela overheard a comment a visitor made to her mother that confirmed what she already knew: Estela was not the biological daughter of the woman who raised her. “She looked at me and said, ‘This must be the girl my mother told me you adopted!’” says Estela.

“From that moment forward, my search didn’t stop,” says Estela. “I obtained my birth certificate and I researched every name and date so I could understand my story. This was not easy work, because though the indications were clear, the truth is a treasure you must pursue until you reach it. They were all half-truths, and that’s where the emotions work against you. Not only were we challenged by the environment, our society, our family, but also, we truth-seekers must really work to believe that we deserve to know the truth. We must know our origins.”

Estela tries DNA testing

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