Aug 3, 2023

Almost Half a Million Pages of the Scotsman Opened Up for the Public in Archive Update

Some of the earliest and most significant pages recently added to The Scotsman online archive include coverage of the taking of The Stone of Destiny from Westminster Abbey on Christmas Day, 1950.

From the taking of the Stone of Destiny to the long, winding path to devolution and the unimaginable events that make us remember exactly were we were when a certain news story broke, key moments in our life and modern times have been brought to the surface once more as nearly half a million pages of The Scotsman archive open up to the public.

The British Newspaper Archive- an online archive created by Findmypast and the British Library to publish their vast newspaper collection has extended its online collection of back copies of The Scotsman to cover the years 1951 to 2002 in an development which signals a massive digital update. A total of 456,410 new online pages drawn from 16,142 issues have been added.

These early accounts included a statement from Wendy Wood, prominent nationalist campaigner and artist, who said of the saga: “That is the best news I have heard in years. It is certainly the best start we could have to the new year.”

The stone’s theft rekindled the debate on Scotland’s constitutional settlement – a debate in which The Scotsman played a prominent role over the next decades.

You can read more in an article by Alison Campsie published in the Scotsman web site at: