Jul 13, 2022

Amazon Photos Still Has Free, Unlimited Storage: How to Manage, Share Your Pics

Looking for a reliable online service where you can back up, store, and share your photos? Amazon Photos is one option worth considering, especially if you’re an Amazon Prime (Opens in a new window) subscriber, or you’re looking for a good Google Photos alternative.

With Amazon Photos, you can back up and share your photos in the cloud, view photos by people and places, create albums, and play slideshows. Access it on the web, through a desktop app, or from the mobile app. Prime members get unlimited full-resolution photo storage for free.

Amazon Photos makes the most sense for Prime members, but non-subscribers can tap into the service as well, with 5 gigabytes of free photo storage. Storage plans (Opens in a new window) then start at $1.99 per month for 100 gigabytes ($19.99 per year), move to $6.99 per month for 1 terabyte ($59.99 annually), and continue on up from there. You can pay for storage as you go and cancel your plan at any time.

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