Apr 14, 2022 Employees Caught Throwing Away Thousands Of Records They Were Supposed To Be Archiving For The US Government

“ has long been a government contractor, converting millions of hard copy records into electronic files. In conjunction with the National Archives & Records Administration (NARA), it has performed monumental tasks like indexing and scanning all US Census records from 1790 through 1930. Or has it?

“The private company operates with minimal oversight and its relationship with the NARA is a “closely-guarded secret.” [Rubenstein says’s archival work is overseen by “government employees and monitors.” This would suggest more oversight than Matthew M. Aid — intel historian and NSA expert — asserts there is in his introduction to the news article quoted here. Rubenstein made no statement concerning the “closely guarded” secrecy of’s relationship with the NARA.] This lack of accountability has naturally resulted in, shall we say, lackluster efforts from its employees.”

This is the beginning of a much longer article that is available (in its entirety) at:

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