Jan 20, 2021

Ancestry of Joe Biden

It seems to be a tradition that U.S. Presidents have their genealogy traced for them, even without asking. There is an old joke that seems to be true: “To get your family tree done the fastest, run for political office.”

Indeed, there is truth in that old joke. In fact, Joseph R. Biden, Jr. has already had his ancestry researched by a number of researchers and it has been published on several web sites.

By the way, did you know Joe Biden’s middle name is Robinette? He inherited that name from his great-grandfather, George Hamilton Robinette (1844-1914), a Civil War veteran. It was also the middle name of the new President’s father.

Listings of Joe Biden’s ancestry are available all over the Internet. Two different sites caught my eye:

Family of Joe Biden on Wikipedia at provides a brief, but easy-to-read listing

Ancestry of Joe Biden by Rich Hall at provides a more detailed listing going back 10 generations in one line that will probably appeal to experienced genealogists.

My preference is the ahnentafel (list of ancestors) from Rich Hall’s listing:

Ancestry of Joe Biden

U.S. President-elect

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1st Generation

2nd Generation

2. Joseph Robinette Biden (1915–2002)

3rd Generation

4. Joseph H. Biden (1893–1941)

5. Mary Elizabeth Robinette (c1894–1943)

6. Ambrose Joseph Finnegan (1883–1957)

7. Geraldine Catharine Blewitt (1886–1949)

4th Generation

8. George T. Biden (c1867–c1910)

9. Mary Emily Liddell (1872–1922)

10. George Hamilton Robinette (1844–1914)

11. Mary A. Hanafy (1862–1930)

12. James Finnegan (1840–c1895)

13. Catherine Roche (c1846–c1895)

14. Edward Francis Blewitt (1859–1926)

15. Mary Ellen Stanton (c1861–1888)

5th Generation

16. Joseph J. Biden (1828–1895)

17. Lydia Ann Randle (c1835–1902)

18. Robert Theodore Liddell (1844–1914)

19. Susan E. Bomberger (c1846–1924)

20. Moses J. Robinette (c1819–1903)

21. Jane E. Pumphrey (c1824–1878)

22. John Hanafy (1815–1878)

23. Mary —– (1828–1878)

24. Owen Finnegan (c1819–1875)

25. Jane Boyle (c1822–1874)

28. Patrick Blewitt (1832–1911)

29. Catharine Scanlon (c1838–1901)

30. James Stanton (c1831–)

31. Mary Arthurs (c1835–)

6th Generation

32. William Biden (c1800–)

33. Mary Elkins (c1801–)

34. Thomas H. Randle (c1803–1889)

35. Mary Ann Shoemaker (1813–1902)

36. John Liddell 

38. John Bomberger (c1821–)

39. Mary —– (c1827–)

42. (probable) James Pumphrey (c1765–c1832)

43. (probable) Elizabeth Hamilton (–1820)

56. Edward Blewitt (c1805–c1870)

57. Mary Mulderig (c1803–c1860)

7th Generation

66. Joseph Elkins (1776–c1801)

67. Nancy Fonts 

84. William Pumphrey (c1734–c1786)

85. Elizabeth Kingsbury (c1738–)

8th Generation

132. William Elkins (c1751–1798)

133. Mary Points (c1748–1798)

170. James Kingsbury 

171. Anne Demilliane 

9th Generation

340. James Kingsbury (–c1726)

341. Elizabeth Hall (c1673–c1743)

343. Ann Young 

10th Generation

682. Richard Hall (–c1688)

683. Elizabeth —– (–c1687)