Mar 23, 2021

Announcing Genea 2.0 – A Genealogy Research Program for iOS, iPadOS and MacOS

Genea is a research program for Macintosh that has earned a great reputation. Now the company has announced version 2.0 which adds new features as well as versions for iOS and iPadOS.

Here is the announcement from Vertical Horizon Software:

If you need help with your genealogy research, Genea is the app for you. Genea allows you to keep your notes and research logs organised and separated from your own family tree. When you find a matching results, you can easily export the note to import the information in your family tree.

After a year of feedback and improvements, we bring Genea 2 to iOS, iPadOS and MacOS. We not only improved the Notes features, but also added Research logs to Genea.

Research logs allows you to track your genealogy research in a simple but convenient way. Create as many research logs as you want. Define the objective of each research log. Add context info about the people and or the places you are researching, and log the research you have done. You can share a PDF of the Research log and add research activities in your calendar. You can of course search research logs to find results and more.

Notes is modified in several ways. You can sort lists alphabetically or on date. You can search on places, dates (exact date, before, after or between dates). You can search on gedcom tags and more.

Notes can contain text and an image, and you can link events to the Notes, and link people to the events, including their relationship to the event.

You can adjust images and even do text recognition on typed text. All this can be exported as a gedcom file to import in your favorite family tree app.

The MacOS version provides Touch Bar features and shortcuts. In several places we added extra context info and popover views, so all the info you need is just one tap away.

With Genea 2, your genealogy research app has become much more mature, and a powerful tool for all people that take genealogy research serious.

Genea appStore iOS (USA):

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Genea manual v2.1: