Sep 22, 2021

Announcing Heredis 2022

Heredis is a very popular genealogy program for Windows and for Macintosh. Now the producing company has announced a new version, called Heredis 2022:

The Heredis team is pleased to announce the launch of the new version of its software: Heredis 2022. This new version has been designed to address a number of genealogical issues:

Managing duplicates in your tree

Highlighting your descendants

And, as always, improving genealogical research and the unlocking of some branches!

With one single goal: letting you see your ancestors (re)born!


Heredis 2022 – your ancestors (re)born.



A merge module that allows you to compare all the information on your duplicate ancestors and to save relevant data from both profiles. Everything has been thought out to best assist you during this often tricky yet crucial process.


The new merging feature

The Dynamic Descendants Wheel

In just one click, you’ll get to see your dynamic Descendants Wheel, offering a 360-degree representation of descendants. Uncover stories from your genealogy by playing with multiple options such as displaying descendants whose other parent is unknown or displaying descendants by branch.


The Dynamic Descendants Wheel

Families from my village

A single book to list, in alphabetical order, all the families who have passed through this village. Discover the largest families in a given place or on the contrary the smallest ones, and make progress in your researches and those of others. Share the history of this village and help genealogists in the same area!

This is an ideal feature for societies collecting local records and resources in order to carry out family reconstitutions in a given town or village, or for genealogical meetings.


Families from my village

A new version of Heredis Online

Share your genealogy online in a more secure environment. Its modern design highlights valuable information about your genealogy. The “Visitor” mode allows you to check what visitors to your online genealogy will see and if your settings have been configured correctly. Find online everything you love about Heredis!


The New Heredis Online

New, for the Mac & Windows version: a Date Calculator

Calculation of the date of birth (if you enter the person’s age at a dated event), of the date of an event (if you have an event where the age is mentioned) or calculation of the age at an event.


Date Calculator

Over 50 improvements and corrections

A few examples:

The implementation of the multi-selection option in the Places Index will enable you to select all “empty” places at once.

The ability to identify the original photo that was used to create captures in the Photo Tool.

In the wheels: addition of the coloring by Ahnentafel numbers so as to locate a lineage directly in the graph, the possibility to hide Untraceable Parents when printing, of coloring persons with unspecified gender, or the possibility to display Given Names in 4 different ways and the possibility to display all dates in Gregorian format.

» All our new features and improvements


Download our demo version of Heredis 2022

How to upgrade to the 2022 version

In three steps, opt for the new version and take advantage of its incredible new features:

Check your computer compatibility before installing Heredis 2022
» Go to our website:

If you have an older version, select the Update for Windows or for Mac. Users of an older Mac version can now enjoy a preferential upgrade rate.

Place your order and go to the Payment page where you can choose to pay your order either by credit card or PayPal!

Should you have any question, feel free to contact us via our Contact page at:

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