Mar 8, 2021

Announcing’s Latest Project: Titled “Classroom Look in Lockdown”

An article by Zev Stub (the Jerusalem Post’s business reporter) provides quite a bit of background information about Leadership Team

The MyHeritage site is available in 42 languages and has one of the largest databases of DNA records in the world, with some 4.8 million customers, the company said. The platform’s features also include tools for colorizing and enhancing historical photos using artificial intelligence.

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The article then goes on to describe one of the company’s newest projects: titled “Classroom Look in Lockdown.”

According to Gideon Leventhall-Airley, the head of history at King David High School in Manchester, United Kingdom:

“While we’ve all become accustomed to classes of 20 to 30 pupils accessing learning via Zoom and MS-Teams and Google Classroom, these photographs reveal what goes on behind the computer screen: the creative and dynamic effort made by teachers on the new ‘virtual frontline,’ maintaining engagement and learning for all.

The project is “not meant to compare, but to properly document experiences and the gap that has been filled,” he said, adding that it will one day help people understand the changing dynamics that the education system went through during the pandemic.


“How do you illustrate what is not there? This project amplifies the silence of absence – the somehow deafening absence of the pupils from their classroom,” according to Rogers, who served as the artistic consultant of the project.”

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