Aug 22, 2022

Appalshop Staff Working Hard to Preserve Archived Items Damaged in Kentucky Flood

This is a follow-up story to my previous article, Kentucky’s Floods Took Appalachian History With Them, published at on August 8:

Decades worth of Appalachian history was damaged in the flash flood three weeks ago.

Flood water broke through the Appalshop archive in Whitesburg, which held over fifty years of history. Now, a lot of the memorabilia is damaged.

“The idea of losing all of that would be devastating, and also as an archivist, it’s my responsibility to take care of these things so it’s, in that sense, very important to me,” Appalshop archivist Caroline Rubens said.

Appalshop staff and volunteers are now working hard to save whatever they can, cleaning through 24,000 damaged items.

You can read more in an article in the web site at:

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