Mar 4, 2021

Archivist Hoping to Reunite Personal Photos With Tornado Victims a Year After Storms

Did you suffer losses in the Cookeville, Tennessee tornado last year? If so, did some of those losses include family photographs that “disappeared” from your home as the tornado did its damage? If so, you should know that many pictures of graduations, weddings, and newborn photoshoots are now sitting in boxes for safekeeping at Tennessee Technology University.

If one or more of these photos are yours, you can reclaim them, thanks to the work of archivist Megan Atkinson. She has organized the pictures alphabetically in boxes. They are memories that were once in a photo album or hanging on a wall.

You do not have to travel to campus to see the pictures. Atkinson has a Flicker page with the photographs cataloged.

You can read the details in an article by Abby Kousouris in the WVLT website at: