Sep 30, 2022

Are You Ready for the Future? Or Is It Already Here?

Here are some interesting facts to ponder:

According to a research study by Pew Research, circulation of newspapers peaked in the late 1990s at over 62 million with an advertising revenue of nearly $50 billion. Fast forward to 2020 — circulation is barely reaching 24 million, and advertising revenue has declined to just over $9 billion. Translation: more people read newspapers today than ever before, except for the fact that they are now reading electronic print, not print on paper.

More video was uploaded to YouTube in the last two months than all the video broadcast by ABC, NBC, and CBS combined since 1948.

Wikipedia was launched in 2001. Since then this online encyclopedia has grown to more than 6 million articles in the English version alone, far more than any encyclopedia ever printed on paper.

In February, 2008, U.S. presidential candidate John McCain attended numerous campaign fund raising activities and raised $11 million. During the same time, his competitor, Barack Obama, attended no fund raising activities at all and raised $55 million from online social networks.

The computer in your cell phone today is a million times cheaper and a thousand times more powerful and about a hundred thousand times smaller than the one computer at MIT in 1965.

The computer that used to fit in a building now fits in your pocket, what fits in your pocket now will fit inside a blood cell in 25 years.

And here’s the statement that got me thinking: The mobile device is now the world’s primary connection to the Internet.

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