Aug 2, 2023

Augusta, Georgia Genealogical Society to Offer Both a Day-Long in Person or Virtual Symposium

The following announcement was written by the Augusta, Georgia Genealogical Society:

Annual Symposium

Saturday, 12 August 2023

​First Baptist Church of Augusta



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Presented by Robert S. Davis, Jr.

9:00 am – 3:30 PM EDT

In-Person & Virtual Attendance Options

Southern Research, Southern Food and Great Vendors!


Join us for a day-long in person or virtual symposium to explore the resources and challenges of researching your Southeastern heritage. Four sessions will include:



Session 1: Gone for a Soldier: Military Records of Georgia and the Old Southeast 1783-1761

Many of our military conflicts have been forgotten between the Revolution and the Civil War. The Southeastern U.S. is particularly rich in documenting individuals in these campaigns and in providing personal information for family history research. 

Session 2: Great Archives and Libraries of the Southeast

​Hear Robert Davis’ personal experiences in the greatest libraries and archives of the Southeast for family history research, including tips on efficient use of your time and resources before, during and after your visit.




Session 3: People Finders in the Southeast

Understand records that help identify ancestors in specific places at specific times. Examples include: census records, court records, and land records.


Session 4: Fraud and the Family Fortune

This light-hearted talk exposes a colorful history of false and misguided tales of fortunes waiting to be claimed. It will show the pitfalls of wasting time on such ventures but will also examine how such records can still have genealogical value if used with caution. This will include records of Native American claims. ​



Bob Davis is a renowned genealogist who literally wrote the book on the genealogical collections at the Georgia Archives. Davis has contributed to many  volumes and articles about Georgia genealogy, and he is among the foremost authorities on research in the state.

His interests also encompass the American Revolution and all aspects about research in the Southeastern United States. He has built and outstanding genealogical collection at Wallace State Community College in Alabama where we has taught local and family history research for many years. He also teaches U.S. history, western civilization, world history, and continuing education classes on basic and advanced genealogy as well as southern, civil war, and computer genealogy.

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