Sep 5, 2022

Australian Family Discovered as Rightful Recipients of $1.4 Million Inheritance

Ever wonder if a previously unknown “rich uncle” might pass away and leave you a fortune? It seems that happened recently to an Australian family (not to one individual) thanks to genealogy researchers.

A Queensland family have been surprised to learn they are the rightful recipients of a $1.4 million inheritance.

When Marcel died in 2018, he didn’t have a will, leading the NSW Trustee & Guardian on a worldwide search for the rightful recipients of his fortune.

The NSW Trustee & Guardian said Marcel had developed dementia, but momentos he had kept over the years became clues in tracking down his family.

The NSW government agency has a small team of genealogy researchers who have found more than 500 people from across the globe in the past 12 months alone.

In Marcel’s case, their family tree search went as far as Paris before the team discovered eight nieces and nephews living in Queensland and Victoria.

Years after losing contact, the family were shocked to learn they would share in the $1.4 million inheritance.

You can read the full story written by Eliza Bavin and published in the Yahoo!Finance web site at:

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