Carol Stetser

Looking for Long Generations

November 8, 2019 A few weeks ago when Judy Russell was in town for our C4aC, she mentioned that she loves “long generations.” That started me thinking about exactly what constitutes a “long” generation. Generation length varies across time and between different families, but genealogists often use a rough number […]

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Finding Marriage Records

November 1, 2019 Marriage records are the bedrocks of genealogical research; they provide information on the founding of a new family and are often one of the only ways to discover a woman’s maiden name and thus enable research further back on that female line. Because of their importance, marriage […]

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A Divorce in the Family

October 27, 2019 Most genealogical articles that discuss divorce emphasize how rare it was in earlier times. I’m sure that’s true in colonial or early American eras, but, at least in my own experience, divorce was more common than many genealogists might imagine during the mid 19th and early 20th […]

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