Carol Stetser

Finding Distant Cousins

April 5, 2019 This week I found two, previously unknown, distant cousins. It’s always a thrill to connect to branches of the family tree that have been out of contact for generations. Unfortunately though, it’s not always simple to find those distant branches of our trees. Most often, no one in our immediate family knows […]

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Almost a Maori

March 28, 2019 Many families pass down stories and legends about their ancestors; the stories often glorify the gallantry of an ancestral soldier or perhaps recount the tragic death of a pioneer. They can even be the catalyst that starts a family historian on his/her research. In my own family my maternal grandmother, Fannie Terry […]

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Going Beyond LCGS

March 22 2019 I’m a firm believer in the importance of local genealogical societies. With its wealth of great speakers at monthly meetings, educational classes and seminars and wonderful opportunities to network with other genealogists, my research has been immensely improved by my association with LCGS. While I strongly recommend everyone join LCGS, whether they […]

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