Bob Larson

Memorial to Identifying the USS Arizona’s Fallen After 82 Years!

Even though it’s been 82 years since the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor, those who lost family members on December 7, 1941, continue to mourn the loss. Most of the 1,177 sailors and Marines killed in the attack on the USS Arizona went down with the ship and were never recovered. However, the remains of […]

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Where were you in 1492?

Where were you in ’92? 1492, that is. There are so many genealogy websites by now, along with books on every aspect of colonization, that with time and effort you can actually answer that question. But I over- simplify. You don’t have to pick 1492. Pick any date in your family history that attracts you […]

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Castle Garden Database is Online

Ellis Island seems to receive all the publicity for immigrants arriving in New York City. Many people do not realize that Ellis Island did not begin operations until 1892. More than 73 million Americans can trace their ancestry to immigrants who arrived in New York City prior to that year. From 1830 until 1890, these […]

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