Bob Larson

Where were you in 1492?

Where were you in ’92? 1492, that is. There are so many genealogy websites by now, along with books on every aspect of colonization, that with time and effort you can actually answer that question. But I over- simplify. You don’t have to pick 1492. Pick any date in your family history that attracts you […]

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Free Genealogy Services Through the Poudre River Library in Fort Collins

Article compliments of Poudre River Library Services: Guest blog by Christian Knoll Since 1974, the Larimer County Genealogical Society has helped those who are interested in their family history get in touch with their roots. Driven to learn and share their interest of genealogy with others, members of this nonprofit organization offer free genealogy classes […]

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DNA Lab Websites Are Newest Frontier for Law Enforcement

February 12,2019 Ancestry websites have exploded in popularity for people looking to trace their heritage or distant relatives. But now genealogy has also become the newest frontier for law enforcement. It’s not without controversy, though, and one Houston-based company is currently at the center of it. Family Tree DNA headquartered in northwest Houston, e-mailed customers […]

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