Nov 9, 2021

Beis Din Directors Call For Stricter Jewish Genealogy Checks

The directors of 3 Beis Dins in the United States are calling for stricter Birur Yahadus background checks following the news of a newlywed man being suspected as Muslim.

In light of the tragic story which hit the news today, where it was discovered that a Choson might have not been Jewish, after the officiating Rabbi didn’t check properly, and as a result some have condemned the Shliach who relied on the officiating Rabbi and participated in the wedding, a conference call took place today between directors of Batei Din in America, who deal with these issues on a daily basis, and they issued the following letter to the Shluchim mentioning the plan to create an office which will assist Shluchim with Birur Yahadus, Sidur Kidushin and more.

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Click here for full letter in Hebrew and English.