Nov 22, 2021

Black Friday Sale This Year for Backblaze Computer Backup

If you have been reading this newsletter for a while, you probably already know I am a fanatic for backing up important stored information on my computer(s). BackBlaze is a system that will back up certain folders on a computer or even everything. should you wish to do so. If you need to retrieve something later, the process is simple.

I use BackBlaze on my computers and it has saved me several times. Now I notice that BackBlaze is offering a Black Friday sale later this week. From November 26th at 12 a.m. through November 29th at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time, new Backblaze Computer Backup customers who purchase a license can get 50% off at checkout by using the offer code: blazeon21.

Click here and use the offer code: blazeon21.