Apr 30, 2021

Book Review: Recent Books by David Dobson (part two)

The following is a continuation of yesterday’s list of books by Dr. David Dobson as reviewed by Bobbi King:

Dr. Dobson continues to publish volumes of his lists of Scots and their activities throughout the world, categorized by regions. Each book has an introductory section (a condensed history lesson well worth reading all by itself), a list of references, and various maps and illustrations. Entries include a name, a piece of information (such as place of birth, occupation), and the source.

Scottish Soldiers in Europe and America, 1600–1700

David Dobson. Published by Genealogical Publishing Co. 2021. 210 pages.

The introduction gives an interesting historical rundown of major wars fought by regiments of Scotsmen during the 1600s, commissioned into the military service of foreign governments, such as the Netherlands, Bohemia, France, British Isles, Ireland, and Bavaria. This book cites forty-six references for about 2200 entries of soldiers who served beyond the Scottish borders.

Scots in Southern Europe, 1600–1900­­

Spain, Portugal, Italy, Madeira, and the Islands of the Mediterranean and Atlantic.

David Dobson. Second edition. Published by Genealogical Publishing Co. 2019. 173 pages.

Scots were so numerous in Rome, Italy, in 1592, that a special church was built just for them. Many sons of Scottish Catholic families were sent to colleges in Spain, Italy, and France, or on the Grand Tour of Europe, so the significant presence of Scotsmen after the 1600s, in Europe, comes as no surprise. This book cites forty-five sources for describing about 1800 Scots found in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Madeira, Malta, the Balearic Islands, the Azores, and the Canary Islands.

Scots in Poland, Russia, and the Baltic States, 1550–1850 [Part Three]

David Dobson. Published by Genealogical Publishing Co. 2019. 99 pages.

Scottish knights accompanied the Teutonic knights on their crusades along the Baltic regions during the late Medieval Period. Major Polish seaports supported trade with Scotland during the 1500s, and Scottish merchants, mariners, entrepreneurs, peddlers, and land owners, settling on lands rewarded for military service, followed. This is the third and last volume of this series, citing thirty-two references for about 900 names.

Scots-Dutch Links in Europe ad America 1575–1825

David Dobson. Published by Genealogical Publishing Co. 2020. 132 pages.

Scots with links to the Low Countries (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg; so called because of their elevations below sea level) included mariners, merchants, and planters in the Caribbean Dutch colonies. Dutch universities offered students a higher education in medicine and law, and the Covenanters fled religious persecution. The author cites forty-five sources for about 1200 names.

As written before, Dr. Dobson’s contributions to Scottish research are certainly considerable in number, and of enduring benefit for genealogists tracing back their family links.

The many books written by David Dobson may be purchased from the publisher, the Genealogical Publishing Company, at

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