Jun 3, 2022

Box of Decades Old Photos Found in California Returned Home to Maine

A story by Jim Keithley and published in the WMTW-TV web site will make genealogists green with envy. “Why don’t things like THAT happen to me?”

Quoting from the article:

“This is the box,” said Valerie Guevara, historian for the American Legion Post 40 in Winthrop as she handed it over to Karen Breton.

“This is my grandmother and my great-grandmother on my dad’s side,” Breton said. “This means so much because my dad’s not with us anymore,” she said.

The two women met Thursday in a parking lot near the Maine Mall in South Portland, weeks after the Legion Post 40 received the old cigar box full photos. It was mailed to them from a man in California, another legion member, who saved the box from a junk pile during a renovation project two years ago. The box sat in his garage until he noticed an inscription that mentioned the American Legion Post 40 in Winthrop, ME.

It turns out Breton’s brother, Russell Mundi, lived in Orange County, California. years ago. She said when her brother moved, he must have left behind the box of old family pictures. Mundi lives in Sebago now.

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