Dec 17, 2021

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is almost unknown in the USA although it remains well-known and is celebrated in many other countries around the world. Boxing Day originates from the United Kingdom, but people around the world join in the celebrations as well.

Boxing Day is celebrated every year on December 26, the day after Christmas. It is traditionally a holiday dedicated to giving gifts to the poor or serving those in need. For many, it’s a day to give back and consider the needs of others. It also offers a chance to show appreciation for the service you receive from others—from your mail carrier, your garbage collector, or even your neighbor.

The tradition has been around for centuries—often as a day off for servants who worked on Christmas Day. It also coincides with the celebration of St. Stephen’s Day, which falls on the same day. Today Boxing Day is also widely known for shopping and post-Christmas sales, similar to the U.S. holiday Black Friday. It’s also a big day for sports fans, as many sports—such as football, rugby, and horse racing—feature Boxing Day events.

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