Jun 16, 2023

Canadian Black Loyalist Museum Was Prepared to Save Artifacts by ‘Any Means’ During Wildfire

When a massive wildfire started moving north toward the Town of Shelburne last week, Andrea Davis couldn’t help but think back to another fire that had traumatized the community.

Davis, the executive director of the Black Loyalist Heritage Society, operates its museum in Birchtown, only a few kilometres southwest of Shelburne.

She said its predecessor, the society’s old administration building, was the subject of arson in 2006.

The blaze destroyed “valuable, precious artifacts and documentation” of Black Loyalist history, she said.

“It was traumatic,” Davis said Friday. “It still is traumatic and there’s still this healing … that is happening, especially with what’s happening with the forest fires here in Shelburne County.”

You can read the full story in an article by Cassidy Chisholm  published in the CBC News web site at: