Mar 24, 2022

Caribbean Genealogy Library Brings U.S. Virgin Islands History Alive with Website for Classrooms

The Caribbean Genealogy Library has opened a window into history for U.S. Virgin Islands students of all ages with the launch this week of the website.

The website was developed to assist educators in teaching U.S. Virgin Islands history, and to encourage the use of digitized primary source material in the classroom, according to a press release announcing the launch.

“A primary source is a first-hand account of an event or topic. It’s something created by people who were present at the time in history you want to study. A primary source has not been modified by interpretation,” the release explained.

Primary sources included in the project include artifacts such as a stone ax and a St. John Market Basket. There are historical maps of St. Thomas and St. Croix. Posters advertising a meeting about the sale of the Danish West Indies for use in teaching about the 1917 Transfer of the islands from Denmark to the United States, and a political campaign poster of Lorraine Berry for research about elections and voting, according to the release.

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