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Free Genealogy Resources during the COVID-19 Crisis

March 27, 2020 Colorado announced a Stay-at-Home Order for the entire state yesterday, so if you haven’t already been doing so, now is the time to stay home, except for necessary activities such grocery shopping or picking up a prescription. For those of us who are genealogists, this is an ideal time to spend some […]

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More Preparing for a Research Trip

March 20, 2020 Right now no one is going on research trips, and it might seem a little silly to think about preparing for one with libraries and other repositories shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, even a pandemic like this one won’t last forever, and it’s nice to have something else to […]

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Preparing for a Research Trip

March 13, 2020 Right now as we’re in the midst of the corona virus pandemic, many of us are probably rethinking out-of-town research trips. Since so much of the genealogy community is “seasoned,” and the effects of the virus are worse among that demographic, research trips may seem like a strange thing to be writing […]

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