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Renewing Genealogy Society Memberships

January 24, 2020 Since most genealogy societies run their memberships on a calendar year, January is usually the time renew them. Within the last few weeks, I’ve received renewal reminders from several of the societies to which I belong. Since these reminders are usually received via email, it’s sometimes easy […]

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Using the Family Search Catalog

January 17, 2020 Back in the days when many of the records held by the Family History Library in Salt Lake City were found on microfilm, most researchers were familiar with the FamilySearch Catalog ( ). It was the only way to locate most of the resources held by the […]

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Waiting for 1950

January 10, 2020 Now that it’s 2020, it occurred to me that it’s only a little more than two years until the 1950 census will be released – on 1 April 2022, to be exact. While I know two years is still a ways in the future, it’s really not […]

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