Jul 11, 2023

Celebrate Bastille Day with Free Access to French Records on MyHeritage

Bonjour to all our fellow history enthusiasts and genealogy explorers! In honor of Bastille Day, we’re offering free access to all French records on MyHeritage from July 12–16, 2023. This massive treasure trove of French records includes 1,304,623,272 records spanning 117 unique collections. Imagine the fascinating connections and discoveries you might make about your family’s French history by exploring these records for free! 

Start exploring French records now

As we all know, French influence reaches far and wide. From Canada to the Caribbean, Vietnam to parts of Africa, the tendrils of France’s historical legacy are intertwined with the stories of nations across the globe. You don’t have to hail from France to find something unexpected or intriguing in these records. This is an opportunity for MyHeritage users worldwide to uncover potential French heritage and delve into the rich and varied tapestry of French history.

51,252,583 of these French records were added to MyHeritage just over the past year! So, if you’ve searched our French records before, it might be time to revisit these historical record collections and uncover new leads in your genealogy research.

Don’t yet have a MyHeritage account? No problem! We’ll ask you to register for free, so you can take full advantage of this offer and begin your journey into the past.

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