Dec 7, 2022

Celebrity Genealogy Show ‘Finding Your Roots’ Wants Your Family Mysteries

Now that we have easy and open access to DNA testing, family mysteries are often mysteries no more. But for people across the globe, family trees remain an often murky subject.

It’s part of why celebrity genealogy shows are so gripping — don’t we all wish we could have a team of researchers and DNA experts at our disposal?

Since 2012, the PBS series “Finding Your Roots,” hosted by Henry Louis Gates Jr., has illuminated the family trees of public figures including actors, artists, musicians, journalists, filmmakers and activists. Gates, the Alphonse Fletcher university professor at Harvard University, is the director of the Hutchins Center for African and African American Research at Harvard. With the scholar at the helm, the show has shed light on the family histories of New Jersey celebrities including Queen LatifahNathan Lane and Paul Rudd.

Next, to celebrate the show’s 10th season on the air, “Finding Your Roots” producers are looking for regular people — yes, all you non-celebrities out there — to feature on the show. This will be the first time the series opens its resources up to fans and viewers who aren’t normally in the limelight.

Anyone interested in being featured on the show is asked to send in their family mysteries.

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