Nov 17, 2021

Charting Companion 8 — Updates

The following was written by Pierre Clouthier, President of Progeny Genealogy:

We are continuing the conversion of Charting Companion, and have added some enhancements.

* Latest versions: Windows 8.1; Mac 8.1

* Support for Windows 11 and Apple M1 “ARM”

* New accelerated graphics technology, for large charts

* Embroidery

* RootsMagic 8; RootsMagic colors

* Title centering

* Cousin-smart (implexus) with “no hatching” color option

We are privileged to help you tell the story of your family. A story that stretches back in time beyond the dawn of history. The story of humble, unsung people who overcame hardships and built this world for you.

CC 8 offers new “Wizard”-style dialogs that are simpler for first-time users. “Expert” dialogs are available to old hands who want to quickly navigate Charting Companion’s rich features.

Charting Companion 8 FGV

If you don’t already have Charting Companion 8 for Windows or Mac, order from the link below:

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