Jan 30, 2023

China-Based Firm Signs With Genealogy Society to Help Chinese Singaporeans Trace Roots

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When a Chinese Singaporean in his 50s sought help to find out more about his late father, genealogist Huihan Lie and his team immediately scoured databases of Chinese ancestors and conducted field investigations in China.

They found out that the father was a seaman from Fujian who fought in World War II and that the client had a half-sister in Liverpool, England. 

On Saturday, the company inked a memorandum of understanding with the non-profit Genealogy Society Singapore to work together over three years to help Chinese Singaporeans trace their roots. The services include roots and genealogy research projects focusing on pre-migration family histories in China, China roots trips and the creation of publications.

The society will market the services to potential customers here such as clan associations, private businesses, civic organisations and individuals.

Mr Ng Yew Kang, 82, its president, said: “Many Chinese Singaporeans have little knowledge of their ancestry, where they came from and how their ancestors migrated from China to Singapore. By the time they want to learn more… many elderly family members would have died, taking the memories with them.”

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