Jul 6, 2021

Chinese History Museum Amongst Buildings Destroyed by British Columbia Wildfire

The devastating wildfire that quickly swept through the BC interior village of Lytton on Wednesday also wiped out the Lytton Chinese History Museum, just over four years after it opened.

The museum took to their social media late Friday evening, stating that the museum building had “totally burned” down in the fire. Its vast physical collection of artifacts documenting early Chinese Canadians in BC has been destroyed. All that remains of the museum are the building’s rock walls.

Exterior of the destroyed Lytton Chinese History Museum

“We have been in contact with the Executive Director of the Lytton Chinese History Museum and can sadly confirm that the museum and its collections have been destroyed,” states a bulletin by BC Museum Association (BCMA).

For a wider reach beyond its physical location, a digital archive of over 1,600 items and photos was made available through the museum’s website. This is now all that remains of the museum’s work.

You can learn more in an article by Kenneth Chan published in the Daily Hive web site at:

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