Apr 24, 2023

Clitheroe, Lancashire, England, 1888 to 2015 Now Online Thanks to Civic Society Efforts

Digitised versions of the Clitheroe Advertiser and Times have been been made free and available to all online thanks to the work of Clitheroe Civic Society and partners.

In 2017, hard copies of historic Clitheroe Advertiser and Times editions were placed into the archive of Clitheroe Civic Society following the relocation of the newspaper office to Burnley.

Much conservation of the editions was required and generous funding was obtained from The Bowland Trust to re-bind many of the hard copy volumes and also to digitise the microfilm of these editions.

Due to the sheer size and number of editions available from 1888-2015, it became too large a job for the civic society itself to make these editions accessible online outside of a hard drive and the society was determined to ensure that these editions were made freely available to all in the community and beyond.

You can read the full story in an article by Dominic Collis published in the web site at:

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