May 19, 2021 An Online Calendar of Genealogy Events

Technically, this free web site lists “conferences, events, calls-for-paper, contests, grants & scholarships, tours and cruises, and more!” That mouthful is an accurate description of

The web site is described as:

Started by Jen Baldwin in October 2012, Conference Keeper was created as a single go-to website for finding information about genealogy and family history conferences. As Jen became more deeply involved with other genealogical work, Conference Keeper took a break and idled until late in 2015, when Eowyn Langholf and Tami Osmer Mize, co-founders of the genealogy news service WikiChicks, felt the site beckon, and re-ignited the mission and purpose of Conference Keeper. With a new look and an expanded mission, again began curating and calendaring the dates and details of genealogy and family history conferences, seminars, workshops, and other events.

Taking a look at the web site, you see that it does live up to its name. I started counting how many conferences and other genealogy-related items are listed but I soon gave up. There are hundreds!

The site is divided by a convenient classification system: conferences, calendar, locations, opportunities, what’s new, and more. 

Perhaps the most useful feature is the ability to search for keywords (i.e., Conference, Seminar, Workshop). Of course, during the current pandemic, most events are listed as (V), meaning “Virtual.”

If you are looking for a specific location/state, you may find it best to search by the two letter abbreviation/space/hyphen (i.e., CA -, VIRTUAL – ), but the easiest way to find location-specific listings is by choosing your country/state from under the Location tab.

Did I mention that the entire web site is available free of charge?  (It is supported by advertising.)

Check out the web site at