Nov 17, 2021

Coronado (California) Historical Association Receives Major Gift From Local Philanthropists

Philanthropists Don and Leslie Budinger have completed a major gift that began in 1999 and has now culminated in the transfer of title to the landmark building at 1100 Orange Avenue, to the Coronado Historical Association (CHA).

By completing the transfer of title of the property, the longtime supporters were able to realize their vision of sustaining CHA and ensuring its role as Coronado’s archivist and historian for the community, well into the future.

The Budingers’ association with CHA began in 1999 when the couple bought the historic former bank building at 1100 Orange Avenue, restored it, and then entrusted it to the care of the Coronado Historical Association, entering into a 30-year lease-gift agreement.

You can read much more about this gift in an article by Debbie L. Sklar in an article in the Times of San Diego web site at: