Feb 23, 2023

Could There be a Royal Title in Your Family Tree?

From an article by David Jackson published in the web site:

Family trees are big business right now – and with good reason. It can be fascinating to learn more about the people in our distant families, those long-forgotten ancestors who lived generations ago.

A hero from the war, a local legend from our home town – or the Holy Grail of family trees; a link to royalty – there aren’t many people who wouldn’t love to find some of these gems in their ancestral line.

Famous, Rich or Royal Connections

There are some people who just love the historical aspect of tracing their family origins. Perhaps they’re keen to uncover a family mystery that has baffled relations for years. Or maybe they’re curious about how some members of the family can be so widely spread across the globe.

It can be fascinating to learn more about our ancestors, and for many who get hooked on tracing their roots, it can even become an obsession – it’s why sites such as are so popular, and why the new technology that allows for rapid genetic profiling has become such a booming industry.

For many people who are looking into their lineage, though, there’s usually more than a little hope that they may uncover one of the ultimate prizes of a family tree; being related to someone rich, royal or famous – or even better, all three!

What could be more exciting to learn that you have links to a famous movie star, sports legend, historical figure or world leader? Or perhaps you’d prefer to uncover a long-lost relative that just happened to accumulate a fortune and then die with no heirs to share it with. Or maybe you’re a history lover or you’re obsessed with The Crown and would love nothing more than to learn that you have blue blood running through your family history.

It’s amazing how often people do find these types of connections when exploring their family tree, if they go back far enough. After all, rich, royal and famous people all have families who also have families – they’ve got to be related to some people!

Ancient Royalty & Modern Celebs

It’s not just us mere mortals who love to explore our ancestry and lineage in the hopes that we’re related to a distant king or queen. Even celebrities love to find out more about their family tree, and who wouldn’t be delighted to find a link to a noble Baron or a famous French monarch?

The popularity of shows like Who Do You Think You Are and Hello Magazine articles about celebrities with royal links show just how captivated this investigation can be. It’s even more exciting when celebs discover that they do in fact have a family tie to someone they admire or a notable figure from history.

For example, did you know that Beyoncé, Angelina Jolie and Hilary Duff can all claim a connection to the royal houses of Europe? Whether it’s a distant cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, or an ancestral link to the royal court of Versailles, these types of royal connections make for great conversations, so who can blame today’s celebrity royalty for wanting to join the fun?

If you’d like to see just what exciting finds might be waiting for you in your family tree, you can start learning more by getting one of the many specialist apps that are available. Or if you’re really keen, you could hire an expert who is particularly skilled at sleuthing out these ancestral links.

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