California Obituaries of Former Coloradoans

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Thanks to Eleanor E. Borkenhagen for these obituaries of former Larimer County residents. Eleanor clips obituaries from the Los Angeles Times and the Orange County Register. As she clips them, Eleanor sorts them by counties and sends them to the genealogical society that has a connection with the person in the obituaries. The following are obituaries that Eleanor found that relate to Fort Collins and various outlying towns.

Name Newspaper Date
ACHZIGER, Donald F. Orange County Register July 28, 2007
ARMSTRONG, Jack E. Los Angeles Times May 29, 2005
BIRDSILL, Arnold N. Los Angeles Times November 14, 2004
GLENN, Ferne Orange County Register April 16, 2008
MOHR, Naomi Elizabeth Los Angeles Times February 29, 2004
PARSONEAULT, Norbert S. Los Angeles Times January 27, 2005
SCHNEIDMILLER,Floyd Norbert S. Los Angles Times August 3, 2005
SHULDA, Frieda Beverly Los Angeles Times October 9, 2005

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