Jul 7, 2023

DAR Genealogical Research System

July 7, 2023

Do you have Revolutionary War ancestors? If you’re not sure, the week of the Fourth of July is a good time to begin searching for those ancestors.


A good starting place to learn more about patriot ancestors is the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Genealogical Research System at .


This free website is open to anyone, whether they belong to the DAR or not. It contains databases of ancestors and descendants compiled from applications that were approved for membership in the DAR. The ancestor database is helpful if you are trying to find out whether your ancestor might have served in the Revolution. It is a large database covering not just soldiers but also others who supported the Revolution by providing supplies or funds. Not everyone who served is included, only those whose descendants used their service to prove eligibility for membership in DAR. New patriots are added as information is proven.


If you find an ancestor in the index, further information can be found by clicking on the name. Information can include birth and death dates as well as what service was provided. Family information such as spouse’s name and names of descendants are also available. Copies of the actual documentation used to support this information can be ordered from the DAR for a fee.


Although the information contained in the DAR records is considered accurate, some errors will be found. This is particularly true of information that was submitted by early members. If you find an ancestor on the index, it’s highly likely that the ancestor did support the Revolution. Family information may not be as accurate.


Used as a quick way to check whether an ancestor served in the Revolution, the DAR Genealogical Research System is a handy tool for genealogists. As is the case with any type of index, it should only be considered a clue to help you locate original documents, not as the proof itself.


Carol Stetser